Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some words, of sorts

Before anything else: hello, and welcome. Presently, I don't think I have any readers on -this- blog, but since blogger.com made me create my own deal before joining the Hemoblogin team I thought I'd rock it out. So, if you're out there reading this, welcome, and I do hope you enjoy. I have no concrete plans or grander schemes for this, my own little section of the internet, but I suspect it'll become, or devolve, into a splattering of the stuff running through my head. I am not consciously deciding to be overtly "anything" with blog, except myself. *Deep breath* Alright, let's proceed.

I titled this blog "Consumption Without Digestion" because, well, I think it's a phrase that sums up so many things so perfectly. Think about it. Think about going a week on the cheese cube diet then sitting down with a pile of Baconators. With a gallon of Frostie. Imagine all the proverbial grease dripping down your chin onto your Che Guevera shirt and then some Frostie getting all over your new Levi's. And then, unbeknownst to you, none of this is absorbed. The carbohydrates roll right off your tongue into some not-stomach. This hyper-generalized/ borderline-cliched metaphor is exactly the sort of thing I see, and am victim too, pretty often. It felt appropriate for a blog title, albeit a bit obviously critical. That last sentence makes me sound like a cop-out--okay, alright, so I did mean it to be obviously critical. I did something intentional--well crap. Anyway, in the spirit of expediency and this newly born blog, let's move along. You get the idea--you're well-informed. More to come on the binary at some point, but let's move along.

Anyway, this is my blog, and you are my audience (which is non-existent at the present). To repeat myself, I do blog on the Hemoblogin board (which you should all go read!) so this might get neglected from time to time, but hey--I'm giving man-birth to a digital tome of whatever I am. When I figure what that is, or why this is here, taking up space on a gently humming server somewhere in one of the seven continents, I'll let you know. Until then, there's autumn to enjoy and work to do, so stay safe, and I'll be back in no time.